Who is behind Tax Free Today?

Who created Tax Free Today and why should I care?

Tax Free Today is made up of a two-person team. But since it all began with Christoph, let’s start with his story:

Christoph Heuermann is a permanent tourist who loves freedom and is always on the lookout for the best opportunities to share with his readers, people who want to live how they want, wherever they want.

More time, more fun, and more money. This is no empty promise; if you follow Christoph’s strategies, you can do the same.

Despite having been born in Germany, he also feels at home in several other countries. He has lived for a few months in New Zealand, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Malta, and various countries in Latin America, and has already travelled to over 70 countries.

From an early age, Christoph has been passionate about reading, understanding the world, and trying to change it for the better. After a long time working as a volunteer in political and social spheres, he realised that no one can give you your freedom.

You can only find it yourself!

Through his in-depth research into tax systems and offshore countries, he discovered that there are still options for those who want to live life freely, opportunities that the ordinary citizen would never dream of, but that truly exist and are there for the taking.

With no hesitation, Christoph set off on a journey towards the global lifestyle that he currently enjoys. Now that he is no longer tied down, he is free to wander the world, apply his 12 Flags Theory to his businesses, and help freedom-lovers like you to do the same.

While he was travelling through Cuba and witnessing the poverty inflicted by communism, Christoph finally decided to write his first book in German, Die Staatenlos Mentalität (The Stateless Mentality). Although he had already written here and there, he took advantage of the momentum of his book launch to create the leading German platform dedicated to living and working freely around the world: Staatenlos.ch.

As he investigated the world of offshore companies more deeply, his disappointment with the secrecy, corruption, and greed that infected this atmosphere grew greater by the day.

So instead of hiding behind an email address, Christoph is showing the world his face. Rather than paying outrageous sums of money for a few simple answers, you can ask him questions for free or book a meeting for a far lower price than that offered by the offshore gurus, who only seem to be interested in their funds, and not your freedom.

Because it is personal freedom that Christoph is the most interested in.

Through Tax Free Today.com, Christoph shares his vision of a world without States, a world with an open, global market, and hopes to inspire other people who think the same way. Just one little push may be all they need to break free.


Because your life belongs to you. Don’t let it slip away while you live how others tell you to!

On this blog, you can find information and services that will help you to:

  • Transfer your residence and emigrate
  • Avoid bureaucracy in your own country
  • Discover tips for digital nomads and people who work with no strings attached
  • Optimise and legally avoid your taxes
  • Create onshore and offshore companies
  • Choose the best bank accounts for you and your business
  • Open accounts in tax havens and escape the dangers of your local economy
  • Protect your assets
  • Invest your money better
  • Obtain second passports and nationalities
  • Operate with digital cryptocurrencies
  • Leave the system
  • Become a permanent tourist
  • Travel more comfortably and cost-effectively
  • In short, use Flag Theory to increase your freedom

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Why should I trust Tax Free Today? What sets it apart? How can I trust that it works?

Good question! Of course, we wouldn’t expect any less from a free-thinking Tax Free Today reader.

Our answer is simply to look at the people behind the blog: their attitude, their objectives, the way they present themselves, their lifestyle, and most importantly, the facts. So let’s ask a more specific question:

Where did Tax Free Today come from, and what has its journey been like to get here?


Interview with Christopher Heuermann at Change Your Country

Christoph studied Administrative Sciences at the University of Konstanz in Germany, and has completed internships at Parliament in Berlin and Brussels, but this is the closest thing he has to a normal CV.

In early 2015, Christoph began offering his consultation service, and he hasn’t stopped since. In fact, two months after the project was launched, he could already live off his consultations. By mid-2017, his service had already encouraged over 300 people, with different nationalities and situations, to break free and start optimising their taxes.

He currently carries out an average of 30 to 40 consultations a month. The consultation service includes a satisfaction guarantee, so if Christoph can’t help you, he won’t charge you for his work. However, there have never been any problems with payment so far: none of his clients have ever complained.

Although the English version of Tax Free Today is a young project that began in Summer 2017, the German Version, Staatenlos, already has over 6,000 email subscribers, more than 4,000 followers on Facebook, and a private group on Facebook with over 3,500 active members. Staatenlos has appeared in numerous interviews and even a documentary on tax optimisation, broadcast on German television (on Galileo TV on the Pro7 channel).

Documentary on tax optimisation on Pro7 (a German TV channel), featuring Christopher Heuermann

Christoph has written several books in German, including a 300-page book on banking in which he discusses the best places to keep your money and analyses concrete options from all over the world (we hope to be able to offer this book in English soon). He has also written another book together with a retired financial advisor (with over 50 years of experience in the sector) on how to avoid taxes (330 pages long).


I’ve never met anyone like Christoph. He has a brilliant mind, he’s a libertarian liberal, and he has so much knowledge and ingenuity when it comes to the complex world of international taxation. He has an instinct for new emerging businesses and a great ability to adapt to legislative changes. He always has up-to-date information and contacts for people who need solutions.

Without a doubt, he’s one of my greatest mentors when it comes to optimising business structures.

Christian Korwan


Who is Tax Free Today designed for?

From a practical point of view, Tax Free Today was conceived for entrepreneurs, business owners with international companies, digital nomads, freelancers, investors, and traders who are tired of the excessive regulations, taxes, and bureaucracy in our native countries.

It is also useful for savers who want to protect their money and possessions from dangers like the State, whether this concerns your pension or your general assets.

But that’s not all.

From a moral point of view, Tax Free Today is for people who don’t believe in the State and want to live as citizens of the world; for travellers and nomads who don’t believe in borders; and for liberals and dissidents who are tired of others dictating what they can and can’t do, and want to make the jump from theory to practice.

Who is Tax Free Today not designed for?

Tax Free Today is not for you if you want to illegally avoid taxes (which we believe is neither necessary nor intelligent), create pyramid schemes, or trick others and make money in the process (we have far better things to do than support more parasites; that’s what the State is for).

What you will find here are legal ways to optimise your taxes, your business, and your life, without deceiving or conning anyone, and obviously without ending up in jail.


Tax Free Today is one of the few websites with reliable content on taxes and international structures. Very useful and highly recommended.

Jesús Porro


Christoph (on the left) is a digital nomad and hardened traveller who, at the age of 26 (born in 1990), has already visited over 70 countries. His goal is to visit all the countries on Earth before he reaches 35. On his blog in German (and now here in English), he shares the knowledge he has gained over the course of his research and travels. Christoph is always looking for the best opportunities to offer his readers through his blog Tax Free Today.com, and never tires of finding new options for entrepreneurs, investors, and digital nomads. His ultimate aim is to help people free themselves from the duties of the State.

Adrián (on the right) is a compulsive entrepreneur who only needed to hear about Christoph’s original project in German to decide that it deserved an international audience. Without thinking twice, he got in contact with Christoph; they quickly reached an agreement, and Tax Free Today was born. Adrián hasn’t visited as many countries as his German business partner (not by a long shot), but he does have more children (three) and more projects (even he doesn’t know how many). His areas of expertise are marketing, content, and the internet as an entrepreneurial tool in general. He wants to make the world a better place by helping as many entrepreneurs as possible get their projects off the ground and use the internet to live how they choose.