Remote opening of bank account in Georgia

Do you need a personal or business bank account with IBAN that does not share information and can be opened comfortably without visiting the branch office? We have good news then!

Here is a way to open private bank accounts remotely at one of Georgia’s most modern and secure banks

The bank offers you two options: the simple package or the exclusive model (the annual cost of maintaining the account indicated here must be added to the one-off payment for opening the account remotely).

The simple package includes:

  • Multi-currency account in EUR, GBP, USD, GEL
  • Own IBAN and online banking in English
  • Visa Platinum or Mastercard Gold, on request
  • Private banking with account manager included
  • Priority pass (access to airport VIP lounges) for an additional $35/year
  • Uncomplicated remote opening WITHOUT a consumer bill
  • No information is exchanged (CRS is not effective)
  • No problem in the use of crypto currency
  • Up to 10% interest in GEL (local currency), up to 1% on fixed time deposits in €

Annual price with Visa Platinum or Mastercard Gold: 80 €

The exclusive model includes:

  • Same as simple package
  • American Express Platinum
  • You can withdraw money from anywhere in the world for free

Annual price with AmEx Platinum: 350 €

If you are interested, read on.Below are the prices of the remote opening service and the steps you must follow to open your account and apply for your credit cards.


Why would I want a foreign account?

The first thing you should know is that having a bank account is not illegal. Of course, you should not use this account to hide undeclared money, as this would be illegal and could lead to severe fines. However, it does make sense to diversify and keep some of your savings in a secure foreign account, in different currencies. In this way, you will have additional security against expropriation and foreclosure attempts due to crises in your country or throughout the European Union.
This account in Georgia offers you banking services at the level and with the advantages of a Swiss private bank account but at a lower cost than you probably have in your current bank.

Is not it risky to have a bank account in Georgia?

Georgia is a promising Western-leaning country with a high degree of legal security. Since the Rose Revolution of 2004, Georgia has developed a good constitutional state with a low level of corruption, especially when compared to other countries in the region. Its political system is stable and its economy is at its peak. That is why we believe it is safe to open an account in one of the leading and most solvent banks in the country.

Why should I pay money to open this account?

You will not find any other way to open a remote account in this Georgia bank. It is only possible to open the account there through an intermediary who takes care of all the procedures and paperworks. Of course, what you can do is travel to Georgia and make the procedures to open the account directly from there.

What does this bank think about crypto currency?

Georgia is much more receptive to crypto currencies than many other countries, in fact it created regulatory bases from the beginning. Thus, it is easy to use this bank account as a link between fiat money and crypto (or the other way around), also in the case of large amounts.

How do I verify where I live?

Georgia has signed the CRS, however, it does not automatically exchange information, so, as you can see, at the opening of the bank account you will not be asked where you reside and no consumer bill will be required to prove where you reside. You will only be asked for one address to send correspondence to (credit card and PIN).

What is the exchange of information (CRS)?

The exchange of information (CRS) is just one of the different tools that States use to end banking secrecy. Although Georgia has signed the CRS agreement, it does not currently follow the proceedings. Since it is currently not necessary to verify your residence at the time of account opening, it is also not possible to inform anyone about the domicile of the bank’s customers.
Bilateral information exchange agreements do exist with most European countries, but in the end it is only a manual consultation in case of suspicion which in practice rarely pays off. Requires the full name and other details of the person under investigation.

Can company accounts be opened for offshore companies?

Unfortunately we cannot help you to open accounts for offshore companies, we can only help you to open accounts for companies in Georgia (or for individuals anywhere in the world).

What we need to know about you for account opening:

  • Name and surname
  • Email (for online banking and correspondence)
  • Mobile number (for TAN and communication)
  • A shipping address (it does not have to be your personal address, it is worth any address where you can receive mail, cards, PINs and other documents). Remember that the consumer bill is not necessary.
  • The type of card you wish to receive

Necessary documents (you can choose one of the two procedures):

Option 1

  • Notarial copy of passport (in English: “certified and true copy”)
  • Certified notarial signature (also in English and ideally in a document attached to the signature)
  • Official bank statement from an existing bank account (this account requires a transfer to the new Georgia account to activate it)
  • NO consumer bill required!

Option 2

  • Notarial copy of passport (in English: “certified and true copy”)
  • Apostilled power of attorney for opening accounts in Georgia
  • NO consumer bill required!

Steps to the opening:

  • Send us an email to so that we can put you in touch with our partner in Georgia.
  • Send the above-mentioned data and documents to our partner
  • After approval by the bank, you will receive the necessary documents by mail for your signature
  • The bank will open an account with limited functions
  • You will then send the signed documents and certified copies of your passport and your signature to the bank with DHL or TNT.
  • Once received, the account will have all its functions and the bank will send you the cards and the PIN