What if residency in the Philippines was the solution to all your problems?

There are increasingly more people deciding to leave their home country in search of better opportunities. Taxes don´t stop increasing, control becomes increasingly heavy and the profit motive either through fines, increases in electricity, gas, charges, surcharges and so on, becomes increasingly difficult to manage.

Therefore, for some the choice of emigrating is a difficult decision, but as time goes on it emerges in their mind with greater and greater clarity. Now, where are you going?

If you have to leave your home country and leave your friends, family and everything you know behind, at least it´s for the best, it should be to a country that we like and that allows us to live the way we want.

Luckily, there are many countries that are worth going to, where there are still opportunities and where you´re not forced to pay more than half of what you earn in taxes.

We´ve already discussed several of these countries in our blog and our subscribers already know them very well. America is of course a great option. From a tax point of view, Spanish is spoken in all the appealing countries as well as the climate and nature also being extraordinary. But we can´t forget that there are also other continents, including Asia.

Obtaining a permanent residence permit in Asia is often very difficult and expensive (we recently discussed this in the case of Thailand), as well as requiring a lot of time and effort. But even if you can remain in the country legally, income obtained abroad must be taxed, and there are also other regulations that we may find overwhelming. Therefore, Tax Free Today wants to present to you what we think is the best country in Asia to emigrate to long-term.

Residency in the Philippines has several advantages, including the fact that foreign income is tax-free and that it’s relatively easy to obtain permanent residence there.

Briefly, here are the advantages:

  • English as an official language
  • Old Spanish colony
  • Highest catholic population in Asia
  • High level of security (under the authority of the island)
  • Cheap standard of life
  • Highly skilled and inexpensive labour
  • Friendly community
  • Liberal regulation on weapons possession/non-compulsory schooling
  • Tax-free foreign income
  • Relatively easy to obtain permanent residence

The only disadvantage is that to be able to sign up to the programme that we´re going to talk to you about, you must be at least 35 years old or married to someone from the country.

Philippines, the country of 7107 islands

Our destination today is the Philippine Islands, an archipelago that has 7107 islands. Undoubtedly, it´ll take a while to visit them all. In any case, I don´t think you would get easily bored there.

The Philippines is an isolated case in Asia.  They started being colonized by Spain and then they were under the USA´s control. Spanish is no longer widely spoken, but English is spoken fluently and is the counties official language, which is a great advantage for foreigners and for those who want to purchase or subcontract services there.

There isn´t a lot of cultural differences between us either. It’s not an Islamic, Buddhist or Hindu country, unlike its neighbours; approximately 80% of the inhabitants of the Philippines are Catholics, as a result of their Spanish past.

Different separatist Islamic groups have been fighting for their independence for several years now, but at the moment, this doesn´t seem to pose as a danger for foreigners. It´s true that there have been terrorist attacks in the past, like in the case of Manila, but the reality is that in the majority of the islands where tourists go, they live very peaceful lives. Davao City, on Mindanao Island is classed as the ninth safest place in the world.

The Philippines is considered as a developing country and it can´t be said that it’s a very rich country either, something that you can certainly notice in the places low prices. As a foreigner who has his sources of income outside the country, this is undoubtedly a great advantage and allows you to live very well at a more than acceptable price, even if you have relatively little income.

The Philippines can be a great option for emigrants over the age of 35 who want to start an online business, especially if you’re just starting out. You could live a very pleasant life there with an income of only €500 per month.

Of course, Internet entrepreneurs surely became aware of the Philippines because of its reputation. The Philippines is probably one of the most popular outsourcing destinations worldwide. This is not only due to the use of English as an official language, but also to the country’s highly qualified, motivated and hardworking workforce, which has a significantly higher performance than European employees despite the much lower wage level.

In general, Filipinos are very friendly and open towards foreigners, which of course has something to do with the ease of understanding with them. It´s said that, compared to its neighbouring countries, the worst thing about the Philippines is the food, although there´s always a high availability of fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

Those who like to handle weapons will find good opportunities for it in the Philippines. Unlike many other Asian countries, weapon laws in the Philippines are relatively liberal, despite remaining quite strict. However, gun culture is massive and it´s not difficult to obtain a permit to carry a stored weapon (concealed carry).

The Philippines is also a good option for parents who want to escape the forced schooling of their children.

Generally, it can be said that in the majority of the islands it´s possible to live with quite a lot more freedom than in other places.

One of the main reasons why many migrants choose the Philippines as a destination is, of course, because foreign income is tax-free.

Money earned outside the Philippines is not subject to local taxes, so even if you transfer the money to an account within the country, you won´t be taxed for it.

Within Southeast Asia, the Philippines is a particular country, but for its advantages and the ease of obtaining a residence permit it is a very appealing destination for online entrepreneurs, consultants and other people who work and live without being tied down anywhere.

Besides the Philippines, there are also other interesting countries for Internet entrepreneurs, such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brunei, Thailand and some Pacific islands; but the Philippines offers the easiest path to residency.

Next, we´ll explain how you can obtain the permanent residence permit.

How to obtain a permanent residence permit in the Philippines

Residence permit for all through marriage

There are several ways to easily obtain a permanent residence permit in the Philippines. The easiest option is through marriage. Those who are 35 years old or more and are yet to find the love of their lives, may find them on a trip to the Philippines. If you eventually get married, the rest is just a formality. You need:

  • Completed form
  • 6 ID photos
  • Approx. 20.000 Philippine pesos (PHP) for fees
  • Written plea from the Filipino spouse
  • Marriage certificate in English
  • Birth certificate of the Filipino spouse
  • Criminal record certificate, legalized by the Philippine embassy of the country of origin
  • Medical certificate
  • Immigration Clearance Certificate (issued by the Immigration Office)
  • Proof that you have sufficient financial resources to support yourself and your family

Of course deciding if you want to get a residence permit through marriage is not nonsense, but who knows. Precisely in relation to this there are also other options, perhaps even better, which I will soon reveal to you in another article.

Citizenship is not associated with marriage. To become a citizen in the Philippines you have to have permanently lived there for 10 years, which is really a long time. In many Latin American countries, and even in Europe, citizenship can be obtained after 1 year of marriage.

After all, marriage isn´t really necessary. It only makes sense for young people under the age of 35 who don´t want to wait, because this is the only option to quickly obtaining permanent residence.

Residence permit from 35 years old as a “pensioner”

For all others, the requirements are relatively simple and should be achievable at that age. There´s a difference between pensioners with a pension and pensioners without a pension.

Pensioners without a pension must deposit a certain amount of money into a fixed-term account in the Philippines. People aged between 35 and 49 years old must deposit 50,000 USD; People over 50 must deposit 20,000 USD in a fixed-term account.

Pensioners with a pension must receive the minimum amount of 800 USD or marriages at least 1,000 USD per month. However, it´s still necessary to deposit 10,000 USD into a fixed-term account in the Philippines.

Alternatively, the mentioned amounts can be invested. The following possibilities are offered:

  • purchase of a condominium
  • long-term lease of a condominium, land with housing or urban housing
  • purchase of shares in a golf club or country club

Further advantages of the permanent residence permit in the Philippines

Whoever has obtained permanent residence will be able to settle down in the Philippines permanently and will be able to enter and leave the country as many times as they want. This way you avoid having to go to the Immigration Office every two months to extend your visa, saving the related expenses. Moreover, you can enter private goods free of customs duties for a value of 7,000 USD. Here is a list of the other advantages again:

  • English as an official language
  • Highest catholic population in Asia
  • High level of security (under the authority of the island)
  • Cheap standard of life
  • Highly skilled and inexpensive labour
  • Friendly community
  • Liberal regulation on weapons possession/non-compulsory schooling
  • Tax-free foreign income

What do you think? is the Philippines a good destination for you? If we´ve aroused your curiosity, you can continue exploring the rabbit hole with us. Start your journey here.

And as always, if you´ve reached the point where you need our help you can always book a consultation.