New eBook: Citizenship of 97 countries


Comparison of the 97 countries with the easiest and most attractive naturalisation procedures

Okay, now you know you want to become a citizens of another nation, but which one and how?

We have compiled into just one ebook the best options for getting a second citizenship. The book contains a detailed comparision of 97 jurisdictions where you could get a citizenship via different procedures.

Our little encyclopedia offers you:

  • 97 nationality laws discussed
  • 5 different ways to obtain citizenship per country
  • up to date information without any scams and outdated programms
  • a large explanatory part about citizenship and the reasons for it
  • With plenty of links to additional information

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Why was a book like this necessary?

The reality is that there is not much information so detailed and well organized about possible countries in which to get a second citizenship like what we have put together in this book.

This small encyclopedia presents in a clear and concise way 97 countries from the most interesting regions of the world for a second citizenship; regions that are convincing because of their attractive conditions in the criteria for naturalisation, swiftness of processing and strength of their passport.

Can I pay with bitcoin?

Of course. You can pay in bitcoin at the following address:

It is important that after payment you send an email to with information about the transaction so that we can send you the e-book manually.

Is it possible to communicate with Tax Free Today discreetly?

There are some people for whom discretion is very important and others for which it is not so important. At Tax Free Today we try to keep both groups in mind. To contact us anonymously you can message the following users or email addresses:

  • In Threema, Signal, Telegram: staatenlos
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  • For anonymous consultations we usually use, but if you prefer, we can also adapt to other alternatives.

So, what exactly will this book provide for me?

Whether you are actively looking for a country get citizenship, or if you are simply thinking that an alternative nationality might be a good idea, this encyclopedia will give you all the information you need to make your decision. In addition to the comparison of the 97 countries you will also find a list of interesting links that will allow you to access more information. Of course, before deciding on the purchase you can download a reading sample so that you know exactly what awaits you in the book.

Do you offer other services in addition to information services through books and courses?

If after reading the book or at any time you want our help to find the best solution to your specific case, you can choose from a wide variety of services, including consulting, project support, registration of companies abroad, opening of bank accounts or the transfer of residence.

And once I have decided where to obtain second citizenship, can you help me with the process?

While it is perfecty possible to manage everything yourself, most naturalisations are best supported by a qualified and specialised lawyer. If you want to get in touch with our network of collaborators, you can write us at or telling us what kind of services you need. We have reliable partners in many of the jurisdictions described in the book.


Below you can download two reading samples (just click on them):

The book index.

Here you can see which 97 countries we compare in the book and what other information it contains.

Chapter from the book

And here you can download our chapter dedicated to the ideal citizenship strategies

You can also pay by bank transfer or bitcoin. If you wish to do so, send an email to