Successful people always know how to find the most beneficial option for everyone.

At Tax Free Today, we have a profound belief in the win-win philosophy. This is why we are always open to collaborating with other people (especially over the long-term) and finding beneficial solutions for everyone.

If you are a lawyer, tax advisor, authorised agent, or business consultant, please get in touch.

We would also love to collaborate with other bloggers and entrepreneurs from the online world who want to participate in webinars, online courses, physical seminars, and all the rest.

We have an affiliate programme for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who wants to work with us.

Finally, Tax Free Today is always open to interviews and guestposts. Of course, these have to be high-quality articles aimed at Tax Free Today’s audience (take a look at the blog and services offered by Tax Free Today to see if your post would fit in here).

If any of the above applies to you, send us an email with your proposal.

Recommend Tax Free Today and earn money

A note for affiliates:

If you want to reinforce sales as an affiliate, we are happy to help with an interview. If you’ve already booked a consultation or attended one of our seminars, maybe you want to publish an article on your experiences with your audience. Both (the interview and the article) are good ways of explaining to your people how Tax Free Today can help and will help generate more sales.

The member undertakes to faithfully share the information on what is included in the services. Tax Free Today reserves the right to exclude from the programme any members who try to deceive clients or tarnish the reputation of Tax Free Today in any way.