The Tax Free Today Consultation

Are you tired of the tricks and the bureaucracy?

Let me help you clear up your questions, find the best options, and escape the system.

Independent consultation

My independent consultations are aimed at cosmopolitan people who want to take the right decisions for their business and their life.

We have offered this service since the beginning of 2015, and by mid-2021, it has helped over 2500 people from different countries and in different situations. After sometimes more than 20 calls a week I am limiting my time for calls now strictly to maximum 10 a week in specific time slots as I can live fully out of passive income nowadays while having a heavy business travel schedule. Still I love to help global entrepreneurs and investors to get more freedom in their lifes (more information on Tax Free Today here). You can schedule appointments directly after payment. If you need an invoice, please write me at

I offer:

  • a personalised consultation of 90min
  • availability for questions (mail/voice message) after the call
  • total objectivity, independence, and discretion
  • the opportunity to execute the plans we discuss through my network of partners
  • complete satisfaction, guaranteed


As a now 7-language franchise, Tax-free.Today also has a team of other qualified consultants ready to take up your case for a discounted price. Please write your brief situation and he will connect you with the right team member to schedule the consulting!

I’ve never met anyone like Christoph from Tax Free Today. He has a brilliant mind, he’s a libertarian liberal, and he has so much knowledge and ingenuity when it comes to the complex world of international taxation. He has an instinct for new emerging businesses and a great ability to adapt to legislative changes. He always has up-to-date information and contacts for people who need solutions.

Without a doubt, he’s one of my greatest mentors when it comes to optimising business structures.

Christian Korwan


About Christoph Heuermann

Christoph Heuermann, born in 1990, is a digital nomad who at the age of 30 had already visited over 200 countries. His goal is to visit all the countries on Earth before he reaches 35. He lives as a permanent traveller under the philosophy of Flag Theory.

Christoph studied Administrative Sciences at the University of Konstanz in Germany, before working at Parliament in Berlin and Brussels. From an early age, he has been passionate about finding ways to leave the system, which drove him to create a successful consulting business. His ultimate aim is to help people free themselves from the duties of the State.

Get more info about him at

His expertise

  • Leaving the system, permanent tourist status
  • Transferring your residence, emigrating
  • Avoiding bureaucracy for digital nomads and people who want to work with no strings attached
  • Legal tax optimisation and avoidance for companies at home and abroad
  • Offshore and onshore companies, bank accounts in tax havens
  • Second passports and nationalities
  • Digital currency, cryptocurrency
  • Applying Flag Theory

I’ve never met anyone like Christoph from Tax Free Today. He has a brilliant mind, he’s a libertarian liberal, and he has so much knowledge and ingenuity when it comes to the complex world of international taxation. He has an instinct for new emerging businesses and a great ability to adapt to legislative changes. He always has up-to-date information and contacts for people who need solutions.

Without a doubt, he’s one of my greatest mentors when it comes to optimising business structures.

Christian Korwan


Possible topics of the consultation

Legal tax optimisation and avoidance

Deregistering your tax residence and centre of vital interests

How to deregister your residence, leave the system, and never have to pay taxes or social security contributions again. Set up a company abroad, get insurance, register your car, and much more.

Residence and emigration

How to find a place to reside in tax-free (or almost tax-free) where there is no obligation to remain. Alternatively, how to find a country to live and establish a company in long-term.

Solutions for residents of countries with a high tax burden

Even if you live in a country with a high tax burden, there are legal means of optimising your taxes through holding companies, partnerships, and businesses with credible operations abroad. At Tax Free Today, we can help you.


Protecting and developing your assets

Investments and offshore accounts

Places to discreetly keep your money in, escape inflation, and avoid the risk of expropriation by any nation. Locations where you can find high interest rates, safeguard your precious metals, and be offered attractive investment options.

Additional nationalities

The best way to protect your assets consists of freely deciding on a new nationality or even, if necessary, renouncing your old one. But how can you acquire another passport?


Everything you need to know about cryptocurrency, how to get started with Bitcoin, and the possibilities this type of currency can offer when structuring your business and lifestyle.

Designing your lifestyle

Places to live in

Places where you can enjoy your hobbies and pastimes with no restrictions. Locations where you can enjoy your life and save money thanks to geoarbitrage.

Travelling tips

How to fly around the world in comfort, while saving hundreds and hundreds of euros. Optimise your miles, travel safely, and become an expert traveller.

Acting discreetly: data protection and encryption

Learn how to travel anonymously, without leaving footprints in the real or virtual world. Modern technology can help you protect your privacy.

Consultation prices

Frequently asked questions

How long does the consultation last?
The length of the consultation depends on your situation. I will answer your questions until all your doubts are cleared up.
Can I split the consultation?

The consultation must be held in a single sitting, since my time is quite limited. If you need a second consultation, you can pay for a second session at any time.

How do I choose the date for the session?
You have two options when choosing the date of the session.


You can pay for the consultation with a credit card or Paypal, click on the booking button, and choose a day from the calendar.

If you prefer, you can also contact me to agree on a date by email

What are the terms of payment?

There is no need to pay for the consultation in advance if you prefer not to. I trust my clients and am totally convinced that my consultations are useful. Over 1500 clients have already paid, with no problems at all.


You can therefore pay for the consultation before or afterwards (up to 7 days after) with a credit card or Paypal, and choose a date for the session.

If you prefer, you can also make a bank transfer or pay with bitcoin. Let me know by email ( if you prefer this payment method, and I will send you the necessary details.

If you need more time for payment, please specify this by email before the consultation.

How is the consultation organised?
No two consultations are the same; every case is different.


First, you will describe your current situation, goals, and wishes in a relaxed atmosphere. I’ll ask you for more details if I need them, so I am able to assess your situation as effectively as possible.

From then on, we’ll try to find the best possible situation for your case. I will make sure to take your preferences into account, but I will also mention other options you may want to think about.

In most cases, you’ll leave with a list of alternatives that you can study at your leisure. I will give you my recommendations, but the choice is all yours!

Can I share the consultation with my friends and partners?
Yes, of course. That’s absolutely fine. However, bear in mind that this will only work for similar groups, or if the partners belong to a company with a common goal.


If you have any questions, you can ask for my opinion on whether it makes sense to share the consultation.

Do you offer face-to-face consultations?
It depends. I travel a lot, and I may pass through a nearby place at a time that suits you. However, you will need to write to me and adapt to my itinerary.


In exceptional cases (and at a higher cost), I can go where you ask me to. Write to me and we can figure something out.

Are your consultations legally binding?
No. Tax Free Today consciously operates outside of the rules and duties for lawyers and tax advisors. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to offer discreet and independent consultations to our clients.


In any case, you will rarely need a legally binding solution from the consultation. If you do, you can contact lawyers to help you with this.

This could be a beneficial option in cases that involve exit tax, holding structures, and other specific issues concerning legislation in concrete countries or areas.

Of course, you can request written confirmation from Tax Free Today’s partner lawyers and agencies before emigrating or setting up your business.

Why are Tax Free Today’s consultations so cheap compared to similar services?
Tax Free Today begun as a small, simple project, and still is. This allows us to keep costs to a minimum and work anywhere in the world.


My consultations only make up a small share of my income, but I like offering them because they let me help more people find their freedom.

Of course, as my time is very important, I can’t offer free consultations. The many consultations I do carry out have to be organised and prioritised, at a fixed price.

Why should I choose Tax Free Today’s services, instead of those of a lawyer or tax advisor?
Except for Tax Free Today’s carefully chosen network of lawyers and tax advisors, we haven’t had very good experiences with these kinds of professionals. Generally, you only receive vague information at exorbitant prices, from arrogant people who don’t sympathise with your situation.


Law firms and consultancies are usually very specialised, which means they lack a general vision and are unable to find creative legal solutions. They sell solutions that may work, but that are often more complex and expensive than people need.

You never know how close your tax advisor is to the government, and you may end up trusting “official solutions” that just cause you more problems (and higher taxes).

The most important thing when internationalising your business’s taxes is not the official solution, but the many other factors that only practical people (like me) are aware of.

Can I record the consultation?
Yes, of course. You can record it to listen to again as many times as you want.
Do you offer a recommendation/members programme?
Yes. Not only can you recommend my services, but you can also earn money. For each recommendation you make that ends in a booking, you earn €40 (10% commission).
What does “complete satisfaction, guaranteed” mean?
You only pay for the consultation if you take something away from it. If we find that I can’t help you within the first 15 minutes, I won’t charge you anything.
Is it possible to contact and talk to you discreetly, without leaving any trace?
Discretion is fundamental for some people, while others don’t pay it any attention. Tax Free Today is delighted to be able to serve people who want to protect their privacy as much as possible.


You can contact us anonymously at the following addresses and messaging services:

By email, with the following public key

Threema, Signal, Telegram: staatenlos

We generally offer encrypted consultations with If you prefer another option, feel free to let us know.

The steps and stages of the consultation

  1. Booking

To book your consultation, click the button and pay via Paypal or credit card.
You can also carry out transfers or pay with Bitcoin (before or after the consultation). If this is your preferred option, send me an email at with dates and times for a consultation.

  1. Set the date

Send an email to to book an appointment. Unless Christoph is all booked up, we can usually give you a time within the next 2 to 3 days. You can use the following key for PGP-Key anonymous communication:

  1. Before the consultation

Please send me an email with a summary of your situation and your goals. The choice is yours what to tell me, but bear in mind that the more I know, the better I can advise you.
I need to know your situation with respect to:
– your nationality, residence, family status, whether you have children, which places you are registered in, and your future plans (where and how you want to live)
– your plans for setting up companies, the type of company, field of activity, turnover and profits, and the countries where your clients are located
– your bank accounts and investments
– the questions you would like the consultation to answer

  1. The consultation

We will carry out the consultation at the time and date agreed upon. The duration will depend on you and your questions.

  1. Follow up and implementation

After the consultation, I may send you any information I mentioned during our conversation to help you deepen your knowledge.
If we decided to do so, I will also set your plans in motion through my network of partners. As soon as you give the go-ahead, I’ll put you in touch with my partnered lawyers to help you establish your company or register in another country.
Feel free to send me any questions you have by email.

Free yourself now from the burden of the State. Because your life belongs to you!