Data verification

Do you want to know what your lawyer or tax advisor has forgotten to tell you?

Let a specialist in international tax structures check your new company residence or your emigration plans.

Moving your company headquarters or own residence is no small matter; these are important decisions that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

It’s not unusual for business owners to regret not having asked for a second opinion. They might have discovered that:

  • their new headquarters isn’t suitable for their business model
  • it’s not possible to obtain a valid bank account for their company
  • they can’t use Paypal, Stripe, or other online services
  • they’re paying too much money
  • they have to undergo audits and keep detailed and time-consuming accounts
  • they’re paying for services and extras that they don’t need
  • and, in the end, it isn’t worth it (because they keep paying a lot of tax)

Alternatively, they may not be informed of essential changes, such as:

  • the State introducing new accounting requirements
  • the country introducing or raising taxes
  • the jurisdiction deciding to share fiscal information with other countries
  • the prohibition of new bank accounts for certain types of company
  • the State appearing on the blacklist for tax havens
  • conflicts or crises developing in the country

What does the data verification service consist of?

Most of us tend to unquestioningly believe what others say, especially if the matter at hand is something many other people believe too, or something supported by someone famous. We believe without giving thought to the consequences that may arise. Often, it’s not advisable to let the opinion of just one person dictate your actions.

Over the course of my consultations, I’ve learned that many people come to me after setting up expensive and complicated fiscal structures that are neither useful nor necessary.

Data verification is a service that can help with this problem: it’s the perfect solution for people who want a second opinion but don’t need a consultation, because in theory, they already know what to do.

Data verification is a good option for business owners and other people who have already emigrated from their country, as it supplies information on new legislation in the countries they operate in, thus preventing problems and providing better opportunities.

All about Christoph

Christoph Heuermann, born in 1990, is a digital nomad who has already visited over 70 countries. He lives as a permanent traveller under the philosophy of Flag Theory, and is always searching for the freedom he talks about on his blog, freedom that he wants to pass on to his readers and clients

Christoph studied Administrative Sciences at the University of Konstanz in Germany, before working at Parliament in Berlin and Brussels. From an early age, he has been passionate about finding ways to leave the system, which drove him to create a successful consulting business.


I don’t understand – why do I need to verify my information?

Here are a few examples to help you understand why our data verification service is useful:

Example 1

In June 2015, David set up an offshore company in Hong Kong. The incorporation went off without a hitch and he opened a bank account in Hong Kong with no problems.

David then tells Maria about how well everything went and the great advantages he now enjoys, and Maria decides to repeat exactly the same process in January 2016. Unfortunately, David’s bank in Hong Kong doesn’t let Maria open an account. Three months afterwards, she is still unable to open a bank account in Hong Kong, but needs one as soon as possible in order to use Paypal. In the end, she has wasted the €3,000 she used to set up the company, and is unable to use it.

Maria isn’t the only one suffering. Many people have been swept up by the trend of establishing companies in Hong Kong, where the banks became much more restrictive at the end of 2015 for people wishing to open business accounts. Hong Kong companies are required to keep complex accounts and submit to audits, which involves high costs without the advantages that similar companies enjoy elsewhere.

Example 2

Heidi lives in Austria and has had an offshore company in the Seychelles for six years. In 2016, she decides to open another shell company as a subsidiary for a new business she is starting. This time, she does it in Belize. For both companies, she used the services of a trustee, so that she could remain anonymous. Suddenly, in 2017, she is shocked to receive a letter from the tax office. She is being taken to court for unpaid taxes.

Heidi thought she was doing everything legally, but she unwittingly broke the law in Austria. She had no problems before 2017, since the Austrian authorities didn’t know anything about her offshore company. However, in 2017, Belize and the Seychelles changed their rules for the exchange of fiscal information with third parties. This is how the tax office discovered Heidi’s company in Belize.

Example 3

Ethan is from the UK and has emigrated to Malta. His lawyer advised him to create a financial structure with a holding company in Malta, in order not to pay more than 5% corporate tax. Ethan is happy with how everything has played out, but he doesn’t realise that he has to pay €10k a year to maintain the structure. Does he really need all this?

It turns out that Ethan was tricked by his lawyer in Malta, who sold him the most expensive structure possible. In reality, since Malta has no international tax laws, Ethan could have taken advantage of his resident status to set up a company in Dubai with maintenance costs of €1,500 a year, thus avoiding both the 5% tax and the €10,000 of structural costs in Malta.

Don’t become another example

Frequently asked questions

Should I use the data verification service instead of booking a consultation?
No. Data verification is for people who already know what they want to do, but need to check that their information is correct and up-to-date. With data verification, you can clear up any doubts and even discover new alternatives.
What will I gain from data verification?
This service gives a brief assessment of your situation and shows you the possible problems that may arise in the near future. It analyses the legality and effectiveness of the structures you are planning, and gives you a figure to refer to with respect to the costs that the structure may entail.
If you risk paying more than necessary for your structure, I will send you a more affordable offer. If there are any better alternatives, I will let you know. My network of partners is responsible for the creation of financial structures.
Who checks the results of data verification?
Good question. Of course, you should closely examine the information I give you. However, I can assure you that I strive to give the most helpful answers possible, and always check that my information is correct.
If I decide in the end that I need a consultation, can I deduct the cost of the data verification service from the price of the consultation?
Yes, you can. If you find that you need an intensive consultation with me, I will deduct the cost of the data verification service from the price.

Set up a company or change your residence just like that

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  • waste time
  • lose money
  • stress yourself out
  • get nasty surprises

Pasos y fases de la verificación de datos

  1. Book the service

Click the booking button and pay for the data verification service with Paypal or credit card.
You can also pay by bank transfer or Bitcoin. If this is your preferred option, write to me with your request at

  1. Describe your situation

Write to me at, explaining briefly and clearly your current situation and future plans. I am especially interested in the structure of the company/companies you are trying to create, as well as your tax residence and current circumstances (type of company, turnover, business line, etc.).  You can also tell me who recommended your plans to you.

If I need more information or data, I will let you know.

  1. Resolve your questions

After reading my report, you can send me your questions and/or simply vent your anger at the advice certain people have given you.

  1. Put it into practice

What you do with the information provided by the data verification service is up to you.

Ideally, everything will remain as it was and you can apply your original plan. You can continue exactly as you had envisaged, or you can take advantage of my contacts and let my network of partners lend a hand.

You may also decide to try the alternative I offer you, or even change your plans in their entirety.

If you find you need more information or help, you may choose to book a consultation with Christoph.

As always, at Tax Free Today, the choice is yours.