Our ebook on International and Offshore Banking


Everything you need to know to get the most of international and offshore banking and protect yourself from crises.

Tired of leaving your money at the mercy of whatever your government comes up with?

Well, maybe taking a look at the Tax Free Today ebook on international and offshore banking could be an intelligent move.

In it you will find all the information about offshore banking you need to avoid surprises. With it, keeping and protecting your money totally legally offshore has never been easier.

It includes:

  • Directory of 200 Banks in 50 countries
  • Detailed analysis of 75 banks
  • Concrete data to facilitate the evaluation of banks and countries.
  • 150 pages of general information on offshore banking
  • Information on banks’ tolerance for crypto and other factors of interest.

This is a 260-page ebook with the latest information on international and offshore banking in PDF format.

In total there are 50 countries and their detailed evaluation, a directory of 200 offshore banks, including detailed analysis of 75 of them.

It also contains lists of the best banks for different situations or needs.

Not to mention some information that will make it easier for you to open offshore accounts even if you are new to this.

It explains how the exchange of information and bank secrecy (or what is left of it) works.

And, of course, we tell you which are the best fintech accounts.

As a bonus track, you will be able to read about how to open your own offshore bank.

Start protecting your money today!

How can you protect your money?

International and offshore banking is one of the best ways to protect your money. Not only can you protect it and escape the exchange of information, but, depending on where you are banking, you may even be able to stop losing money due to low or negative interest rates.

The best jurisdictions can offer you exemption from capital gains tax (or withholding tax), anonymity, deposit guarantee, political stability and low national debt. In our ebook you can read about how to find these countries and the most interesting banks, and also what to look out for when choosing the right bank.

When should you start protecting your money?

Tomorrow, next week, in 2 months, in 1 year, in 3 years… It’s your choice when to take the step. But you must keep in mind that crises wait for no one and when they come, there is little you can do. The sooner you take the step and start applying what we teach you in this book, the better.

Governments have many ways to take our money from us. One is with taxes, something that can only be avoided by changing your residence. But there are many more. They have at their disposal tools such as inflation, expropriation, corralitos, negative interest rates… And all these ways can be avoided by cleverly using international banking.

So where can you keep your money?

Well, that is exactly what we will tell you in our ebook. It is important for you to know that offshore does not have to refer to lost islands, there are many jurisdictions such as Switzerland or Mongolia that can also be interesting and therefore, we talk about them in the book.

Why should I buy this ebook?

Because right now your money does NOT belong to you. Or at least that’s how it is seen by politicians and bureaucrats who use your money to grow the apparatus of a state that meddles in more and more aspects of our lives and waste it for all kinds of nonsense they come up with.

What problems could you soon be facing?

Cash prohibition with the consequence that negative interest rates on accounts are enforceable.

(Hyper) inflation as a form of indirect expropriation from central banks.

Direct expropriation of savers (as was done in Cyprus) to bail out banks.

Capital controls or corralitos, with which it is no longer possible to withdraw money.

Bank failures, which take entire assets with them.

Who is this ebook for?

Do you have money, do you consider it yours and are not willing to let others take it away from you? Then the Tax Free Today ebook on international and offshore banking is for you.

The guide is written in such a way that you don’t need to be an expert in economics or banking to understand it, and, at the same time, the information it contains will also be useful to those with more advanced knowledge. This ebook is not just for the rich, anyone with a minimum of money saved can benefit from reading it.

Below you can download two reading samples (just click on them):



1. What you can do with an offshore account
2. The inner workings of a bank
3. Five risks involved in offshore banking
4. International Banking Acts (IBAs) and their importance
5. Why reputation plays an important role
6. Tax implications of having an offshore account

7. What is banking secrecy?
8. How TIEAs work
9. Common Reporting Standard (CRS)
10. Why the United States is not represented in this book
11. Double Taxation Agreements (DTA)

12. Taking money abroad without leaving a trace
13. Pseudonyms and numbered accounts
14. Transit accounts
15. Asset protection through offshore banking

16. How to open an offshore account
17. The arbitrariness of banking: how to increase your chances
18. In-person attendance
19. How to deposit your money
20. Which currencies to hold

21. Why there is no such thing as a perfect bank
22. Deposit guarantees in theory and in practice
23. Determining factors
24. Quality criteria
25. Private banking
26. Islamic banking
27. Brokerage and trading
28. Which offshore bank is right for you depending on your needs

About the jurisdictions
Things to consider about the banks
Eight offshore regions


Because your money is yours: what else you can do