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All about the seminars

An in-depth weekend centred on Flag Theory, with the aim of helping you “go where they treat you best”.

Permanent traveller Christoph Heuermann will reveal all the secrets of the offshore world and everything you need to know as a permanent traveller, global citizen, and modern entrepreneur.

He will cover:

  • The best countries to emigrate to and avoid taxes
  • Obtaining a second nationality
  • The features of the different types of international companies (offshore and onshore)
  • The best bank accounts and most promising investment plans
  • Tips for travellers and the best ways to travel like the wealthy at a bargain price

All about Christoph Heuermann

ChristophChristoph Heuermann, born in 1990, is a digital nomad who has already visited over 70 countries. He lives as a permanent traveller under the philosophy of Flag Theory, and is always searching for the freedom he talks about on his blog, freedom that he wants to pass on to his readers and clients.

Christoph studied Administrative Sciences at the University of Konstanz in Germany, before working at Parliament in Berlin and Brussels. From an early age, he has been passionate about finding ways to leave the system, which drove him to create a successful consulting business.

First English Seminar – Seminar ended

Tax Free Today will be offering an English seminar on December 2017 the 2nd and 3rd. It will be held in the Greek city of Chania, Crete. If you are interested, please send us an email as soon as possible, seats are limited


We will soon be organising other Tax Free Today seminars. Are you interested?


The content of the seminars

First day

Freeing yourself from the State: Flag Theory and the permanent traveller


You will learn how to begin your tax-free lifestyle and maximise your freedom with the help of Flag Theory.

Tax systems, fiscal residence, and anti-tax avoidance laws


You will learn how to use the different tax systems of the world in your favour, while bearing anti-tax avoidance laws in mind.

Immigration programmes and their requirements throughout the world


You will learn which countries are most advantageous to take up residence in, and which conditions for emigration exist there.

12:30-13:30: Rest and lunch

Second nationalities: the best options throughout the world


I will tell you the factors to remember when obtaining second nationality, and the best options for getting another passport.

Foreign companies: opportunities and difficulties


You will learn about the features of foreign companies and the opportunities and difficulties they entail. Moreover, you will find out how to assess different types of company and decide whether they serve your goals.

The best onshore and offshore companies


I will explain which international companies and structures are the most suited to doing business around the world, and how you can set them up.

Communal dinner from 20:00

Second day

Investment according to Flag Theory


I will explain how you can manage your assets safely and productively. We will give special attention to local investment in emerging countries.

The best bank accounts, brokers, and precious metal deposits


You will discover where to find the best bank accounts, brokers, and precious metal deposits, and how to become a client. Because your money belongs to you!

How to act discreetly: data protection, encryption, and cryptocurrency


You will learn how to travel the world anonymously, how to cover your tracks in both the real world and the virtual, and how to protect your privacy using cryptocurrency.

12:30-13:30: Lunch

The world is your playground: finding your personal freedom


I will reveal which are the most suitable places for living your life to the fullest. Above all, we will focus on how to maximise your personal freedom and develop individual hobbies.

Travelling tips: travel and accommodation on a budget


I will help you become a true professional traveller by teaching you the tips to travelling on a budget. Learn brand-new tips for finding cheap, high-quality flights and accommodation.

The art of travelling first-class: optimising your miles and finding the best rewards programmes


I will explain which of the rewards programmes offered by airlines, hotels, and similar services you should take advantage of, how to use your miles most effectively, and how to enjoy luxury travel on a budget.

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