These are the services offered by Tax Free Today:

Independent consultations

Christoph clears up all your questions in a personal, confidential consultation on the topics covered by Tax Free Today.

Set up a company

My network of partner agencies can help you set up a company in over 36 different jurisdictions.


Data verification

Can you really achieve everything they say you can? This service provides you with a second opinion from an experienced specialist.

Transfer your residence

Make the most of Tax Free Today’s network of partner agencies to obtain visas and transfer your residence to the most advantageous places in the world.

Tax Free Today seminars

An in-depth weekend centred on Flag Theory, with the aim of helping you “go where they treat you best”. Christoph will reveal all the secrets of the offshore world and everything you need to know as a global citizen.

Offshore bank account opening

Our network of partner agencies helps you open all sorts of bank accounts in different tax havens and places.