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The following descriptions are highly simplified. Tax Free Today recommends booking a personal consultation before you decide to emigrate and change your residence.

Residence-based taxation

Your global income is taxed and you have to pay social security in the country. As long as there are no international tax laws, you can establish and manage companies abroad with no complications. If these laws do exist, you may have to bear certain requirements in mind, such as opening subsidiaries and local offices that justify the existence of your foreign company.


15% fixed tax rate


20% fixed tax rate


10% fixed tax rate


9% to 13% tax rate


19% fixed tax rate


19% tax on dividends


10% fixed tax rate

Isle of Man

20% fixed tax rate with a limit of €100k


13% fixed tax rate


You can have 3 years tax of exemption on foreign income


Flat tax, depending on the local council


You can have 5 years of tax exemption on foreign income

  • for people with either large or limited income
  • also suitable for salaried work (employees)
  • simple and quick to organise

The non-dom system

There is no tax on foreign income, as long as it is not introduced into the country. Income used in the country in subject to progressive taxation. Contributions to social security are paid on any domestic or foreign income introduced. You must introduce (and pay taxes on) a minimum monthly sum of money to cover living costs.

United Kingdom

Residence is easy to obtain for EU citizens


Residence is easy to obtain for EU citizens


Residence is easy to obtain for EU citizens


Stays permitted through the Thai Elite Visa


All kinds of categories

Trinidad and Tobago

Permanent residence in the Caribbean

  • perfect for internet entrepreneurs
  • not advisable for professional traders (due to taxation of domestic income)
  • accurate taxation can become complicated

Special tax schemes

Special schemes and programmes for foreigners. Often with a time limit, or only available to certain professions and activities. Generally, these schemes offer the chance to apply territorial taxation or a fixed rate of local taxes.

Portugal (NHR)

Tax-free with the Non-Habitual Residence scheme – avoid taxation from other States


Tax-free inside the European Union and no minimum stay


Special tax regime for new arrivals from abroad


Territorial taxation for residents over 35

Dominican Republic

For retirees


All kinds of schemes for different categories

  • perfect for retirees
  • especially suited to passive income
  • often includes tax exemption for investment and trading

Territorial taxation

Income earned in other countries is tax-free, even when introduced into the country. Only domestic income is taxed. Often involves a minimum tax-exempt allowance. No contributions to social security on income earned abroad.


Special visa for resident retirees (SRRV Smile Classic)


€100,000 investment necessary to obtain the MM2H visa


Plus Blossom APRC programme (visa for foreigners)


Visa for permanent residence with a €30k investment


Residence visa for partner countries

Costa Rica

Annual investment of €60k for two years


Minimum 183-day stay with no additional requirements


Bank deposit of just €5k


Introduction of €88k over three years

  • ideal for internet entrepreneurs
  • perfect for investors and traders
  • also suitable for people with limited income

Countries without direct taxes

Neither taxes nor social security are paid. Living costs are generally quite high. These States finance themselves through indirect taxes and tariffs.

United Arab Emirates

Residence with a company in the free trade zone. Company costs: €12k


Expensive housing and minimum stay for EU citizens


Residence with purchase of a house

  • perfect for business owners with physical companies
  • only suitable for people with high income
IMPORTANT: the residence transfer service is carried out through licensed partner agencies. Tax Free Today only acts as a middleman and is not responsible for the process. It therefore carries no type of guarantee on our part.