Remote opening of a bank account in the US

Do you want to open a private bank account in one of the best economies in the world and have some of your money in dollars, in one of the most important banks in the world? Do you need an account for your company in the United States?

We present our bank account opening service for individuals or companies at Citibank, one of the most important banks in the world

Let us help you open an account with Citibank in the USA. This bank offers you several options, you can get a standard account, or you can also access exclusive packages like the CITI Priority or CITI Gold. Here you have a comparison of the different packages to discover which one suits you best.

The account opening service can be used by individuals from anywhere in the world (less approved countries) and US companies (also LLC’s).

Account requirements

The conditions are quite straightforward: you will have to send a copy of your passport and proof of residence and a water, electricity, phone or internet utility bill.

You do not need a US phone number to access the service (although, if you are interested we can help you get a SIM card with roaming service), you also don’t have to live in the U.S, the utility bill can be from any country.

For individuals it’s no longer possible to open the account remotely.

If you want to open the remote account for a US company (LLC or Corp), the initial deposit must be at least 15,000 USD. If you don’t mind going to Miami in person, you don’t need to make that minimum deposit.

If the account you want to open is for an LLC in Florida, you will only have to take your passport and an invoice from the owner, if it’s a company in another State you may have to supply the deeds as well.

General characteristics of the accounts

U.S. accounts are exclusively in US dollars, but the conditions for international transfers are quite good (in fact, if you have deposited 500,000 USD or more, they do not charge you any transfer fees).

In Citibank you will have a normal savings account (Savings and Checkings Account) and a Debit Mastercard. As soon as you have an ITIN (US tax identification number) and have been with them for 3 months, you can also request a credit card.

(Our partner can help you process the ITIN number in case you don’t have it).

This account is 100% compatible with Paypal and stripe services.

The account with Citibank is not as flexible with crypto operations as the one we offer in Georgia, but it’s one of the largest banks in the world and it’s insured up to 250,000 USD by the FDIC.

Frequently asked questions

Why would I want an account abroad?

The first thing you need to know is that having a bank account abroud is not illegal. Of course, you should not use your account to hide undeclared money, as this would be illegal and could lead to heavy penalties. However, it does make sense to diversify and keep some of your savings in a secure foreign account, in different currencies. In this way, you will have additional security against attempts to expropriate and seize them due to crises in your country.

Is it a good idea to have a bank account in the USA?

The United States is one of the strongest economies in the world with a worldwide accepted currency. Although, the level of debt is very high, it is still a good option to save at least part of your money in.

Another good reason to opt for a Citibank account in the United States is that they are insured up to 250,000 USD by the FDIC.

Why should I pay money to open this account?

You will not find another similar way to remotely open an account in US Citibank. It is only possible to open the account there through an intermediary who handles all the paperwork and documents. What’s more, for non-resident business accounts, even going in person would make it very difficult to open the account in CITIBANK or any other bank for that matter.

What is this banks position against cryptocurrency?

If you are going to work with cryptocurrency, Georgia is definitely a better option than the US. Even though you won’t have any problems, you should speak about it with our contact from the beginning.

How do I verify where I live?

To verify your place of residence you will have to take with you a water, electricity, phone, internet or even a mobile bill.

Other forms of verification are generally not accepted.

How does the United States work with CRS and in general the exchange of information?

Information exchange (CRS) is just one of the different tools that States use to end bank secrecy, there are also bilateral information exchange agreements. The United States has not signed the CRS, however it has information exchange agreements with certain countries like Spain and Argentina. These agreements lead to the automatic exchange of information for residents in Spain or Argentina. Undoubtedly, nationality is not taken into account. So, for example, in the case of an Argentine resident in Bolivia, there would be no exchange. For US companies (such as LLCs) this automatic exchange does not occur.

Can company accounts be opened for offshore companies?

Unfortunately, we cannot help in opening accounts for offshore companies, we can only help you open accounts for companies in the United States (or for individuals from anywhere in the world).

Steps for opening:

  • Send us an email to explaining the type of account you need and if you’re going to open it in person or if you’d prefer to do it remotely. You can also send us any questions you have about the service.
  • Send a copy of your passport and proof of residency.