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Stop complaining and free yourself from the burden of the State

What’s the problem?

Are you a digital nomad, trader, or investor? Maybe you have a small business or offer your services as a freelancer? Or has the State you live in simply decided that what you want to do is unacceptable (homeschooling, for example, or hiring an employee without the risk of keeping them on when there’s no work)? Perhaps you’re a saver, and want to work right now for your future security?

If you’ve been in the game for a while, you’ve certainly noticed that with every step you take, you’re confronted with a ton of bureaucracy and a ton of people (the tax office, social security, and all kinds of bureaucrats) asking you for money and telling you what to do. If you’re a saver, you’ve realised that you’re leaving your money in the hands of some wasteful company partner who doesn’t pay the slightest attention to looking after it.

Like many other entrepreneurs and citizens before you, you’ve resigned yourself to your fate and decided to put up with this treatment. Your only option is to pay what they ask you and do what the specific regulations of your field require you to do.

Maybe you have to hire an accountant (or keep accounts yourself), pay for a financial advisor, obtain licenses, fill out forms… Everything but devoting your time to your products and sales.

You may have also begrudgingly accepted to put your kids in a school, even if you don’t believe in the system and would prefer for them to learn at their own pace in a different, freer environment.

Or you have to trust a financial system or retirement scheme that is mathematically unsound, since we all know that tomorrow’s money is always spent today, that our States are taking on greater and greater debt, and that the population is ageing by the minute (how many crises like those in Greece and Argentina will we have to endure?).

Well, it turns out that you don’t need to resign yourself to paying and doing what the State asks. The fact is that, although the State you live in may make decisions that dictate its residents’ actions, you can decide whether this State still interests you. If not, you can open a business somewhere else, change residence, and have total control over these aspects of your life.

The solution

At Tax Free today, we explain the options that are open to you, however wealthy you are, whether you earn less than three thousand euros or dollars a month, or whether your income exceeds twenty thousand in the same timeframe. You can find reliable and practical information that will allow you to take decisions and get the process underway.

Moreover, for anyone who wants direct help, you can also book consultations and other services, such as creating companies abroad and opening bank accounts in any country.

We have offered our consultations, our leading service, since the beginning of 2015, and by mid-2017, they have helped over 300 people from different countries and in different situations. We currently carry out an average of 30 to 40 consultations a month (you can find more information about us here).

If you’re interested in what Tax Free Today has to offer, you can now sign up here to receive exclusive content, download e-books for subscribers, and keep up to date with the latest blogposts. You can also take a look at the articles that have already been published on the blog, as well as the services we offer.

These are just some of the topics we talk about, available free for our subscribers:

  • Protecting your savings from all kinds of risks, especially from the State
  • Taking care of your pension
  • Tax havens
  • Opening bank accounts abroad
  • Different types of companies and their advantages and disadvantages
  • International financial structures
  • Establishing companies abroad (in Ireland, the US, the UK, Estonia, etc.)
  • The best places to live (Cyprus, Panama, etc.)
  • Deregistering in your country of origin
  • Obtaining residence in other countries
  • Optimising and even (legally) avoiding taxes on companies, individuals, and capital

And much more (including ways of living and travelling on a budget, how to set up an online business, bitcoin, etc.)


Tax Free Today is one of the few websites with reliable content on taxes and international structures. Very useful and highly recommended.
Jesús Porro


I’ve never met anyone like Christoph from Tax Free Today. He has a brilliant mind, he’s a libertarian liberal, and he has so much knowledge and ingenuity when it comes to the complex world of international taxation. He has an instinct for new emerging businesses and a great ability to adapt to legislative changes. He always has up-to-date information and contacts for people who need solutions.

Without a doubt, he’s one of my greatest mentors when it comes to optimising business structures.

Christian Korwan


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Who is this designed for?

From a practical point of view, Tax Free Today was conceived for entrepreneurs, business owners with international companies, digital nomads, freelancers, investors, and traders who are tired of the excessive regulations, taxes, and bureaucracy in our native countries.

It is also useful for savers who want to protect their money and possessions from dangers like the State, whether this concerns your pension or your general assets.

But that’s not all.

From a moral point of view, Tax Free Today is for people who don’t believe in the State and want to live as citizens of the world; for travellers and nomads who don’t believe in borders; and for liberals and dissidents who are tired of others dictating what they can and can’t do, and want to make the jump from theory to practice.

The content we share here is conceived for a English-speaking audience, particularly from the UK, Ireland, Australia and Canada.

Who is Tax Free Today not designed for?

Tax Free Today is not for you if you want to illegally avoid taxes (which we believe is neither necessary nor intelligent), create pyramid schemes, or trick others and make money in the process (we have far better things to do than support more parasites; that’s what the State is for).

What you will find here are legal ways to optimise your taxes, your business, and your life, without deceiving or conning anyone, and obviously without ending up in jail.


Are you ready to take the first step towards personal and financial freedom

¿Who is behind Tax Free Today?

Christoph (on the left) is a digital nomad and hardened traveller who, at the age of 26 (born in 1990), has already visited over 80 countries. He uses his blog to share the knowledge he has gained over the course of his research and travels. Christoph is always looking for the best opportunities to offer his readers through his blog Tax Free, and never tires of finding new options for entrepreneurs, investors, and digital nomads.
Adrián (on the right) is a compulsive entrepreneur who only needed to hear about Christoph’s original project in German to decide that it deserved an international audience. Without thinking twice, he got in contact with Christoph; they quickly reached an agreement, and Tax Free Today was born. Adrián hasn’t visited as many countries as his German business partner (not by a long shot), but he does have more children (three) and more projects (even he doesn’t know how many).