The Tax Free Today Encyclopaedia for Emigrants


Everything you need know when choosing which country to emigrate to

You’re certain you want to leave your country and free yourself from the burden of the State, but now the question is, where to?

We have compiled into just one ebook the best options for living as a (tax-)free person. The book contains a detailed comparision of features of more than 60 countries you could wish to emigrate to.

It includes:

  • Essential data about the country
  • A detailed look at the tax system
  • The different available immigration options
  • Living conditions
  • Info on the degree of personal freedom

The book comes with upgrade assurance and contains 700 pages packed with useful information. Below you can download a reading sample.

Why was this e-book necessary?

Even if you take into account the articles on Tax Free Today’s blog, it’s quite difficult to get detailed information in Spanish on the possible countries one might want to emigrate to.

This is especially the case with the most attractive countries for entrepreneurs and investors (obviously, if we’re talking about countries that are good for tourism, the picture is very different).

For the first time, you have an encyclopaedia with information on over 60 countries and parts of the world of interest for their appealing living conditions, low or no taxes, and because they offer immigration conditions that most people can afford. An encyclopaedia comparing countries according to relevant factors.

What does the upgrades consist of?

Purchasing the e-book entitles you to 2 years of updates (after which you’ll have to pay 20€ for every new version you want). The data in the book is entered into a database, the validity of which is check continuously throughout the year.  At the end of the year, and most importantly, and the end of the year by an expert hired especially for this purpose.   New options and countries are regularly added, and ones that are no longer of interest are removed.  

Who is this book for? Why would this book be a good investment?

If you are thinking about changing your residence, this book can become a great help in deciding which country you should head to. Of course, it’s also of interest if you just want to satisfy yoru curiosity and find out what’s out there.

Can I emigrate to another country without anyone’s help?

This depends entirely on your nationality and the country you want to emigrate to. Immigration conditions and procedures are in some cases very easily satisfied, but in others can make the support of a local agency or lawyer essential.

Tax Free Today has local contacts in many of the countries mentioned in this encyclopaedia, who can help you complete the formalities quickly and easily.  If you would like us to put you in touch with them write to us at

Below you can download two reading samples (just click on them):

Tax Free Today Encyclopaedia for Emigrants Index

  • Introduction
  • Unlimited and no tax liability
  • Limited Tax Liability
  • Withholding Tax
  • Exit Tax
  • Taxes aren’t everything
  • Not included countries
  • Emigration too difficult
  • Extremely dangerous
  • Unattractive countries
  • High lump-sum
  • Only temporary benefits
  • Tax amounts
  • Relevant criteria explained
  • Withholding and double taxation
  • Residence permits
  • Tax residence & minimum stay
  • Typical migration requirements
  • Countries without direct taxation
  • Countries with territorial taxation
  • Countries with a Non-Dom system
  • 16 worldwide taxation countries
  • Angola
  • Botswana
  • Costa Rica
  • French Polynesia
  • Georgia
  • Guatemala
  • Hong Kong
  • Jordan
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • Namibia
  • Nicaragua
  • Paraguay
  • Seychelles
  • Panama
  • Taiwan
  • Philippines
  • Uruguay
  • Bermuda
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Cayman Islands
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Bahamas
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Malta
  • Mauritius
  • Barbados
  • Cameroon
  • Jamaica
  • Jersey
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Chile
  • Bulgaria
  • Curaçao
  • Croatia
  • New Zealand
  • Luxembourg
  • Montenegro
  • Singapore
  • Czech Republic
  • Thailand
  • Portugal
  • Dominican Republic
  • Cyprus
  • Isle of Man
  • Switzerland
  • United States of America
  • Estonia
  • Lithuania
  • Slovak Republic